Concrete chains are a type of special lifting gear designed for handling concrete pipes, blocks, and precast concrete elements. They are a vital asset in construction sites, commonly used to load and unload concrete pipes, sewer pipes, culverts, concrete bridges, and other heavy concrete components. Explore what concrete chains are, what they are used for, and why they are essential in construction sites.

1. What Are Concrete Chains?

Concrete chains are specially designed lifting devices made of welded steel chain links. They mostly come in short and long links, which are connected using threaded pins or quick links. This design enables the creation of an adjustable length chain that can handle various concrete pipe or block sizes. The chain may have a hook on each end, making it possible to lift the component in a straight, vertical, or angled manner.

2. What Are Concrete Chains Used For?

The primary use of concrete chains is for handling and transporting concrete pipes or blocks. The chains attach to the concrete components, and a hoist or crane lifts them to the required location. They are also used to handle other construction equipment, such as culverts, precast concrete bridges, manhole covers, and concrete barriers. Concrete chains are also utilized to handle large items such as steel beams, guardrails, and other heavy construction objects.

3. Advantages of Using Concrete Chains

One of the significant advantages of using concrete chains is the ease of handling and lifting concrete pipes and blocks. Once attached, the chains hold the component securely, ensuring a safe and efficient lift. The chains are also adjustable in length, allowing for flexibility in the handling of various concrete pipe sizes. Concrete chains are also reusable, reducing equipment costs on construction sites.

4. Different Types of Concrete Chains

There are different types of concrete chains in the market, each varying in length, strength, and size. The most common types of concrete chains are single-leg chains, double-leg chains, quick-lock chains, and welded chains. Single-leg chains have a single strand of chain, whereas double-leg chains have two strands of chain. Quick-lock chains are adjustable chains with a quick-locking mechanism, and welded chains are made of welded steel chain links.

Concrete chains are essential lifting gear used in construction sites for handling concrete pipes, blocks, and precast concrete elements. With their adjustability, user-friendliness, and reusability, these tools prove to be an excellent option for construction sites. Whether it's for loading and unloading concrete pipes or handling other construction equipment, concrete chains are versatile enough to get the job done. By investing in concrete chains, construction operators are guaranteed efficient and safe lifting of heavy concrete components, reducing injuries and increasing productivity. 

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