If you're redecorating your living room and want to buy one piece that will become the focal point, consider going with a rug. Rugs come in a wide variety of sizes. shapes, colors, and designs, making them easy to customize to your personal home decor style. 

Decorating your living room with rugs is convenient since they are available at every price point, making it easy to stay within your redecorating budget. The size of the rug, as well as the material it's made of, will determine how much it costs. For instance, a handmade wool rug is likely more costly than one made out of acrylic fibers. 

Rugs also have a way of pulling together the look of a room, as they typically become the focal point of space. If you have decor pieces and furniture in different colors, choosing a rug featuring a bit of each hue will instantly create a cohesive feel. You can also use a rug to add visual interest to an otherwise boring, neutral-colored living room.

The following are a few more tips for decorating with living room rugs.

1. Consider the Size of the Room 

The most important thing to consider when picking out the perfect rug is the size of your living room. If you have beautiful hardwood floors, you may only want to cover up a small portion of them and opt for a more compact rug. On the other hand, if you want to add a soft touch to the majority of wood or tile flooring, go with a large floor covering. 

For a larger living room, you can place a substantial round or square rug in the center of the space, and then arrange your furniture, such as a couch, love seat, or recliner, around it. If your living room is on the more compact side, go with a few smaller rugs and place them at different points throughout the room, such as under a coffee table or in front of a fireplace.

Although the rugs don't have to be identical, look for ones with similar colors and patterns, such as geometric designs. Sticking with all neutral-colored floor coverings is another option.

2. Get Creative with Rug Shapes 

Although most rugs are either square or rectangular shaped, buying a round rug will add a bit of whimsy and character to your living room. Placing a large round rug in the center of your living packs a playful punch in an otherwise basic-looking space. 

Choose a round rug in a whimsical color or pattern, such as a yellow floral design, to liven up a boring space. Getting creative with the texture is another idea. For instance, purchase a bear skin-shaped rug featuring fluffy faux fur, and place it in front of your fireplace. 

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