If you love to write novels, then you most likely want a laptop that you can work on and write with at any location. Instead of purchasing a laptop right from retail, you have the opportunity to invest in a rent-to-own laptop. With payments made over time, you can get the laptop right away and enjoy a number of advantages.

Check out some of the benefits associated with a rent-to-own laptop and how those benefits can help further your writing career.

1. Avoid Paying All at Once

A full retail purchase of a laptop comes with a big cost. As a writer, you know that novel payments do not all come at once and you have to budget and plan your spending properly. When you spread out the payments, you have a better opportunity to go along with your typical writer payment schedule as opposed to paying full price when you first purchase the laptop.

In some cases, you may try to wait for a big check to arrive, but with a rent-to-own agreement, you do not have to put the purchase off and wait any longer for a laptop.

2. Rental Fee Tax Deductions

If you plan to use the laptop exclusively for work, then you can use all of the monthly rental fees as tax deductions when you go to file taxes. The rental payments will count as tax deductions in most circumstances and can help fully lower your taxes. The deductions can make a big difference and help reduce the amount you owe or increase the refund you receive.

3. Invest In A More Expensive Computer

As you wait for a book sale or royalties to come in, you may not have enough funds to afford a laptop with all the features you seek. With a rent-to-own agreement, you have the opportunity to invest in a more expensive laptop with more features that you seek.

For example, you could purchase a laptop with more memory, more hard drive space, and a full-sized keyboard that also includes a number pad built-in. The investment will remove the need to purchase another laptop shortly in the future and supply you with a device that includes all the features you seek.

Shop at companies that offer rent-to-buy laptop deals to see which ones fit your needs and can change the way you write on a daily basis. With a laptop, you could virtually write anywhere and find new inspiration for your next novel.