Corporate plaque companies have plaques in many different materials, allowing you to browse through lots of options before you decide which plaques you'll customize and order. Glass is a popular material, offering a high-end and classic look for your plaques. If you like the look of this material — perhaps because you know it will look good on a shelf or in a display case in your office — you'll want to check out the options that are often available before you place your order. Here are three common glass options.


Corporate plaques that are made of clear glass are highly popular. The clarity of the glass helps to give the plaque somewhat of the appearance of crystal, allowing it to catch the light and sparkle when it's in an environment that is brightly lit. A clear glass plaque matches any environment you keep it in; if you place it in front of a colored wall, for example, you don't have to worry about the glass failing to match the wall color. Although there are all sorts of ways to customize your clear glass plaques, a common option is to have your message etched or engraved on its surface.


If you are ready to order glass corporate plaques but want a style that is different than clear, a frosted finish might appeal to you. You'll often get to choose what level of frosting you want the glass to have. A light frosting makes the glass still fairly clear, while a heavy frosting won't allow you to see through it. Although you might want a light color of text on this type of plaque, it's more common to have your text appear in black or another dark color to ensure that it stands out on the frosted background.


Lots of corporate plaque companies give you the option of choosing colored glass, which may not be a traditional look, but can certainly help to give your plaque a vibrant look that makes it stand out. Many different glass colors are available, allowing you to choose something that suits your brand. For example, if your company uses purple as its branding color, you might like the idea of ordering a plaque with purple glass. You'll want to choose a color of text that contrasts the glass color. White text on purple glass, for example, can work well.

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