Adding a balloon bouquet decoration to a celebratory gathering such as a wedding or birthday party can help to create a cheery vibe. You'll be able to choose balloons in several different sizes and colors to help boost the visual appeal of your bouquet. It's important to remember that while a balloon bouquet can be solely made up of balloons, it can also encompass other things. The company from which you're ordering the bouquet will often have a variety of other items that it can include when it builds the bouquet for you. Alternatively, you have the option of adding some items of your own. Here are some examples.


Flowers are a popular addition to balloon bouquets, as they help to boost the visual appeal of the balloon structure. The company will often have several different types of flowers that you can browse, including both real flowers and lifelike artificial flowers. You'll want to choose flowers that complement the colors in the balloon bouquet, and you'll also want to ensure that the blooms are relevant to your event. For example, if you have a few floral centerpieces on tables throughout your venue, it can be a nice touch to choose flowers for the balloon bouquet that match.


Ribbons are another option that you can have the company add to your balloon bouquet . Companies will have ribbons in many different colors and widths, allowing you to choose what will be a good visual fit. While some of the ribbons will be plain, others will feature wording. For example, you might want to use ribbons that say "congratulations" if you're ordering a balloon bouquet for a loved one's retirement party. You'll also see ribbons that have wording that is appropriate for weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, and a variety of other gatherings. Your company will wind several pieces of ribbon through the balloon bouquet in a stylish manner.


If you're ordering your balloon bouquet for a child's party, one option to consider is adding some small toys to the balloon bouquet . Instead of buying toys to create loot bags to hand out as the children leave, you can place toys among the balloons and give the kids a chance to grab what they want. Once the balloon bouquet is set up, you can take some time to carefully position a quantity of small toys where the children can reach them. To learn more about ordering a custom balloon bouquet for your upcoming event, contact a company that specializes in balloon décor, such as Today's Balloons.