When a child reaches their teen years, they can begin to appreciate and take care of more expensive items. So, this is often the age at which you can start buying jewelry for the teens in your life. However, there are a few tips you'll want to follow to ensure the teens appreciate the jewelry and are happy to wear it.

Stick With Simple Options

Teens are still learning about their own style preferences. Many teens experiment with a few different "looks" during these years, but they end up shedding these looks or changing them as they grow older. You don't really want to buy jewelry that adheres too closely to any of these temporary styles as there's a good chance the teen will move on from that style. Instead, try to buy timeless, classic pieces that can match an array of styles. A simple pair of diamond earrings, a necklace with a small, silver pendant, or a tennis bracelet are all good ideas.

Make Engravings Subtle

You may want to have the jewelry engraved as you hope it will be a piece your teen holds onto for many years to come. But teens can be a little self-conscious about other people reading the engravings on their jewelry. So, if you have the piece engraved, you want the engraving to be subtle and hidden. Consider having a little gold tag on the back of the necklace engraved, rather than having the pendant itself engraved. If you're ordering a ring, have the engraving made on the inside of the ring. 

Choose Easy-to-Operate Fasteners

Teens tend to have fairly developed fine motor skills. However, many have not had a lot of practice with jewelry fasteners. So, if you buy a piece of jewelry with a fastener, like a necklace or bracelet, make sure the fastener is easy to open and close. Screw-together clasps and those with tiny levers are generally easier to operate than circular clasps.

Stick With Adjustable Items

Most teens still grow and fill out a little more. So, you may want to choose non-size items, like necklaces, or oversized items, like rings. If you do buy a ring, make sure it is one that a jeweler can expand, if needed.

Many teens enjoy receiving jewelry and can see it as a meaningful gift. Just make sure you follow the tips above when buying jewelry for teens. If you have any additional questions, ask a jeweler what they recommend.