If you are choosing the flooring for your new business or if your business has carpet that looks like it came straight from your grandma's old house, then you may be wondering what to look for in commercial carpet. In your personal residence you might have chosen the softest, fluffiest carpet you could find. However, that likely isn't practical for your place of business. Here is what to consider when you want to install new commercial carpet. 

High Density

A carpet's density may not be something you've thought of before, but it is crucial to picking out high-quality commercial carpet. The density refers to how closely the carpet's fibers are sewn together. The higher the density, the more durable your carpet will be. 

Commercial carpets will have a density of 4000 or higher. You'll want to do your research, though. A density of 4000 will hold up fine for moderate traffic, but if your business has super heavy traffic then you'll want the carpet density to be 6000 or 7000 to be able to stand all the wear and tear. 

Fiber Type and Twist

The most common types of fibers for commercial carpets are nylon, olefin, and polypropylene. All three of these synthetic types are solution-dyed and will be fairly stain-resistant, but they don't all cost the same. Olefin and polypropylene carpets are the cheaper option, but they are designed for lighter foot traffic. Nylon is a higher-quality fiber, but it costs more. However, it's more durable under heavy foot traffic than the cheaper options, so you shouldn't have to replace it as quickly as other types. 

You will also want to pay attention to the fiber twist. This refers to the number of the times the fiber is twisted within one inch. Make sure to check this number when you're shopping—a higher-quality carpet will have a higher number of twists. 

Practical Color

You might have thought that choosing the color would be the easy part, but it can be a difficult decision. In general, you'll want to lean towards the darker colors, as lighter colors will look soiled much more quickly. However, you still want to take your environment into consideration. If your business is in a beach area, maybe a lighter carpet will better hide the light-colored sand that clients track in. 

No matter what color you go for, you will probably want to choose a heathered option rather than a solid color. A heathered color will better hide crumbs and dirt in between cleanings, whereas any stain or dust on a solid color carpet will be much more obvious. 

With a little research, you'll be able to find the perfect carpet for your business. For more information on what you should look for, contact a company that does commercial carpet installation in your area.