With Father's Day coming up in just a few weeks, you might already be thinking about finding the perfect gift for your awesome dad or husband. Whether you want to tell your own father how much he has influenced you, or you want your husband to know how incredible of a father to your children he is, you can't go wrong with a customized gift. Here are four ideas of custom-made gifts that the father or husband in your life is sure to love.

1. Men's Custom-Printed T-shirts

Your father or husband likely wears a lot of t-shirts in his downtime, and having a customized t-shirt made for him can make him feel special every time he wears it. Many shirts about fatherhood exist already, but when you choose to customize the shirt you have many more options when it comes to fabric, color, and design. You can make sure the fabric will be of a high enough quality that it won't shrink in the wash or feel rough on his skin, as well as make it his favorite color. The design can be completely tailored to his personality, as you can add inside jokes in the wording or pictures of wonderful family memories. He will be sure to love and wear this gift for years to come.

2. Special Photo Book

Perhaps you already have photo albums or printed photo books of the entire family, but a photo book dedicated just to fatherhood will be extra special. You can give your father a book full of pictures of you with him throughout the years. It could also be fun to include siblings if you have them. You can all contribute photos and add personalized messages to be printed alongside them, expressing love for your father, and including personal accounts of the memories pictured. You can also put together a book like this for your husband, featuring photos of just him with the kids. It could also be meaningful to create a book of photos of him with his own father, especially if his father is aging or has passed away. This could help him treasure those memories.

3. Custom Phone Case

If your father or husband is like most people, he looks at his phone several times a day. A custom phone case is a perfect gift to keep him smiling all day as he will be reminded of how much his family loves him. You can choose a photo of an extra special memory to be the entire design, or you could make a collage of photos. You could also choose to add words, such as the name of the place or the year in which the picture was taken. You could also add a fun quote from the memory, if applicable. 

4. Personalized Desk Sign

Chances are, your father or husband works hard at his job all day. Those hours can seem extra long on days when he is simply worn out. Choosing a gift that will brighten up his desk space is sure to give him a smile when he is struggling to get through the afternoon. One idea is a customized desk sign. You could have the sign simply state his name and position, or it can be more humorous. You can put a funny statement relating to his job or something corny that he frequently says. If you don't want to go for humor, you can always put an inspirational saying that will be meaningful to him.

If you choose a custom-made gift, the father or husband in your life is sure to appreciate the extra thought and time that goes into it. Contact Premium Direct to Garment Printing Services, LLC for more.