You've been taking lessons for a while now. You've moved on from playing "Chopsticks," and some of your friends have even told you that your playing sounds good. This stage of learning to play the piano comes with a lot of satisfaction, and it's the stage at which most students decide to buy a piano of their own so they can more effectively practice at home. So — what should you look for in your first piano?

An Acoustic Piano

Digital pianos are those that operate via an electronic mechanism. These can be purchased very inexpensively, but they don't quite give you that authentic feel you get when playing on a "real" piano. What you're really looking for is an acoustic piano. This means the piano is made with real strings and real wood for the truest sound. If you learn to play well on an acoustic piano, you'll be able to play well on an electronic or digital piano.

Upright Design

Sure, you may want a gorgeous grand or baby grand piano, but these are very expensive and take up a lot more space than most people have in their homes. You're better off getting what is called an upright piano. This style is basically a big, rectangular box. The back of the piano is flat, so you can use it like a shelf, which means you won't mind it taking up space in your home as much. The strings in an upright piano run vertically in this big box, whereas in a grand piano, they would run at an angle.

Full -Size Keyboard

A full-size, standard piano has 88 different keys. Some instrument manufacturers make smaller versions of the piano with only 61 keys. These have their place in smaller apartments and as portable instruments, but learning to play on one is a bit limiting. You really want a piano with a full-size keyboard so you can learn to play those pieces with very high and low notes.

A Reputable Brand

You don't have to buy a piano made by a high-end brand, but you shouldn't buy a no-name one, either. Research the brand you are thinking of buying to ensure it has a good reputation. If something goes wrong with your instrument, you want to know the company will still be around to provide parts and to answer repair questions. 

For more information, contact a store that has pianos for sale.