If you need to have some new carpet installed in your house, you may not know the first thing to look for. Before you grab just any sample off the floor and call it good, this article has a few tips for you to consider. From the color to the pattern, this article will help you narrow down your carpet selections. 

The Color

When it comes to your carpet, the color is just about everything. You want to choose a color that is natural enough but that's also dark enough to hide dirt and stains. Some common colors to pick right now are beige or grey colors. If you can find a color of carpet that's a combination of the two, that's even better. When you get samples of colors, just make sure that you compare it to your paint colors so that you know they won't clash. 

The Carpet Pad

You want the carpet that you walk on to be lush and comfortable. The last thing you want is for it to feel really hard. Although you can choose carpets that are themselves soft, try choosing a really high-quality carpet pad. Your carpet pad will help to add even more softness to your carpet and will help it last longer. For instance, if you have a really thin carpet pad underneath, your carpet is more likely to wear out faster. However, if you have a high-quality pad, your carpet is bound to last a lot longer. 

The Pattern

No, you don't have to get a huge visible pattern in your carpet, but you can get one that's more of a textural pattern. These styles of carpet are really popular right now and will help add dimension to your flooring. For instance, one popular pattern right now is a basket weave pattern. The fun thing about this is that it will really add a bunch of texture to your flooring and it will also help to conceal even more dirt. 

Choosing a carpet that's high quality is the first thing that you should do. But once you narrow down that aspect, it's time to keep these things in mind. Just remember to match your carpet to your paint and your furniture so that it does not clash and you have to have it replaced soon. 

For more information and help selecting your carpet, contact a local commercial carpet installation company.