French tablecloths are not necessarily French-made. However, there are some identifying markers of fine French tablecloths. If you are interested in learning more, the following is provided. Also, if you want to buy a French tablecloth, you should actually buy three, and with good reason.

​Recognizing French Tablecloths

French tablecloths are almost always made of soft, woven linen or jacquard. Other types of cloth are rarely used. Many of the tablecloths are crisp white, white and red, or just red, with various prints or embroidery. They are often fancier than most tablecloths, and the majority are very decorative because they are meant for restaurant tables. Still, you can buy these tablecloths for your own kitchen and/or dining table as well. 

Buying More Than One

French tablecloths are meant to be seen, regardless of whether or not you eat at the tables on which the tablecloths are spread. For this reason, a lot of people tend to buy at least two tablecloths so that there is always a tablecloth on the table and the other is in the wash or in the linen closet. People also buy special occasion tablecloths, which are often used during the winter holidays, or during large family gatherings. 

Buying three French tablecloths then, means that you buy one standard everyday tablecloth that is not exceptionally fancy, another tablecloth to put on the table while your everyday one is in the wash, and the fancy one for when you are expecting company or you are having a holiday celebration. You can choose any style and print pattern that a tablecloth company offers for these particular tablecloths. If you want something more unique, there are companies willing to create custom French tablecloths to suit your needs. Because of the fine linen, embroidery, and/or jacquard fabrics from which these tablecloths are made, you should expect to pay much more than the standard, basic tablecloth price from any home goods store or department.

​Shop in Person

The best way to shop for French tablecloths is in person. That way you can touch the fabrics and see for yourself that they are made according to the typical manner of true French tablecloths. If you cannot touch and see the fabrics in person, make sure that the online retailer can verify that their tablecloths are indeed of the French tablecloth variety. Certifying that these tablecloths are as advertised will ensure that you do not overpay for a product that is not what the advertisement and description says it is.