If you have found yourself in the position of needing cash before your next payday, or you aren't employed right now and need cash, then you want to look around your house. You just may find that you have a lot of things lying around that you can quickly and easily sell or get a loan on. This article will help you to spot some of the things you have that you can turn into fast money now.

Go through your coins

If you have a coin jar where you throw your coins at the end of the day for them to add up, you may want to have a look and see if you have any hidden gems in there. Look for older coins and search those coins up online to see if they are worth money. Many times, you will find coins are worth nothing more than their face value. However, you may also end up lucky and have one or more coins that are with a surprising amount.

Go through your old jeans

Take a look through all your old jeans and see if you have any Levi jeans that have the red Levi tag on them. If you do, then you will find there are many people that are willing to pay a very good amount of cash for those old jeans. In some cases, they won't even care if they have small rips. In almost all cases, they will take them if they are worn in. You can start by calling your local pawn shops to see if they will take them. If not, you can throw them up on eBay or another sales site, and you should see them selling quickly. In fact, certain sizes are in very high demand.

Sell your old cell phones

Look at your old cell phones and make sure you restore them to factory settings so that no one can obtain your information. Sell them on local sales groups, or you can choose one of the many sites that pay you cash for phones. Some phones can be worth quite a bit, while you may get only a few dollars for others and some may not sell at all.

Go through your jewelry

Look through your jewelry and pull out any that is gold or silver. This jewelry will sell quickly, or you can take it to a jewelry store where they will either buy it outright or give you a loan on it so that you can get it back.