Dollhouses have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. There are all kinds of dollhouses available for children and adults to play with, enjoy, or show off. So, what are all the different kinds of dollhouses are out there for you to buy?

Room Box

A room box is exactly that, a box that you can decorate as one particular room. These are generally less for play, and more for a miniaturist who wants to create a particular tableau or to show off a particular design. They are similar to the shoeboxes you may have used to create a diorama in school, but you have more control over the size and shape of the box room than you do over a shoebox and they tend to be a lot sturdier as well. 

DIY Kits

These kits are generally cut out of wood and come in a flat pack that you get to put together. The pieces may be completely cut out, or may come in a wooden frame that you have to detach the pieces from. The kit you get may come as a mix of both, with the smaller pieces needing to be removed from their wooden frame so that they don't get lost. The nice thing about these DIY kits is that there is a wide variety so that you can find a dollhouse that fits into whatever you are looking for. If you want something in an Elizabethan style, then you should be able to find a kit that will be in that style that you can build and decorate. 

Custom Dollhouses

With a custom dollhouse, you are looking at various designs and working out what works best for you. You can work with the person or company who is creating your dollhouse for you so that you can get something that is practical in that it would be sturdy and beautiful. The place where you are buying it from can also do the basic interior design on the dollhouse for you. That means that they will paint the rooms, put in wallpaper, wire it for power, etc. Then all you have to do when you get it is to put in the furniture and provide the dolls. 

If you are a miniaturist or you have a child who really wants a dollhouse, there are all kinds of dollhouses out there that you can choose from.