If you are pursuing or have obtained a concealed weapon permit, you need to get a concealed carry holster for your weapon. When you purchase a holster, you need to think about:

1. Material

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the material that the carry holster is made out of. Leather is great because you don't have to break it in that much. Leather is soft to the touch and, over time, it will stretch and form to the shape of your gun. If you are only going to carry one particular weapon in your holster, leather is a great choice.

Plastic molded holsters are a good choice, too. However, with plastic molded holsters, the material doesn't stretch and flex to fit your gun. It needs to be a good fit right from the start. Plastic molded holsters can be made to specifically fit your gun.

2. Retention

You want your gun to fit in the holster really well. You don't want your gun accidentally falling out. The best holster for keeping your gun in place and still being able to easily draw it out when you need it is an open holster. Open holsters allow you to easily grab your gun. If you move around a lot, you may want to make sure that a retention device is on your holster, such as a thumb-break snap. This will give you the same easy access of an open holster with some extra retention.

3. Position

Next, pay attention to the position the holster is in when you have it on. IWB holsters are designed to fit between the 1 o'clock to 6 o'clock position. They go inside of your waistband and require you to wear large pants to fit your holster. If you don't want to purchase special clothing for your holster, an OWB holster may be a better style. These holsters are either angled from the 3 o'clock to the 6 o'clock position or the 9 o'clock to 11 o'clock position. They are designed to go outside of your clothing and clip onto your belt. They allow you more flexibility in clothing options and don't require you to purchase special clothing in order to wear your holster.

When choosing a custom holster, think carefully about the type of material used to create the holster, how it holds your gun in place, and the position it will be located on your body. You want a holster that will keep your gun secure and in place while allowing you quick and easy access to it when needed. For more information, check with a company like PJ  Holster LLC.