During the big football game, your baby may not know what's going on, but they can still be fully dressed for the occasion. The Super Bowl is often one of the biggest celebrations of the year, and you can get your infant involved by choosing a variety of costumes that help fit the theme of the game. These infant costumes can make for great pictures and keepsakes to remember the celebration. If the costume selection goes well, you can make it an annual tradition to dress your child up for important football events like the Super Bowl.

Baby Football

A small infant may be just about the same size as an NFL football when they are curled up in a little ball. You can easily represent this with a baby football costume. These costumes come in a variety of styles to keep your child warm and comfortable. One of the more common costume designs is a soft wrap that is in the shape of the football. You have the option of sticking arms and legs through holes or swaddling the baby up completely inside the football. Across the center of the design is a stitch pattern that replicates the same look of the ball. Another option is a one piece with a printed football pattern on the front. In warmer areas, this may be more comfortable for your child.

Complete the costume with a football knit hat. A custom-made knit hat can be created by you and matches well with any type of football costume. It will keep your baby's head warm and is great for photos.

Mini-Jersey Costume

Showcase love for your favorite NFL team with an infant mini-jersey costume. These costumes can instantly transform the look of your infant from a baby into a miniature football player. Small jerseys are available for nearly every team in the NFL. You can purchase a jersey for a specific player or select a jersey with a generic number like "0." A "0" numbered jersey would be great for an infant, because it also accurately reflects their current age.


Put your infant in charge of the Super Bowl festivities by purchasing a referee costume. These costumes are fun and can make for humorous pictures when the parents are wearing NFL jerseys and the child is in the referee shirt. These shirts can typically be purchased as a one-piece costume that your baby slips into. Add some more fun to the costume by pairing it with a small yellow blanket. This blanket can represent the penalty flag that referees throw out during the game.


Add some pep to your Super Bowl celebration by purchasing a festive cheerleader outfit for your baby. These costumes include a variety of vibrant colors and designs and can be based off of official NFL teams. For infant girls, young skirts can be worn over one pieces that add some flare to the design. Miniature pom-poms can be attached to the wrists of the infant for some extra flare and fun on the costume.

Food Costumes

A Super Bowl party is not just about the game; it's about the food that is served. Dress up your infant to represent this element with a number of different food costume designs. Classic food costumes that can be worn by an infant include hamburger or hot dog costumes. In a small size, these goofy costumes are cute and make great pictures for the party. Additionally, you can dress your baby up like a number of party desserts. Ideas include cupcakes, donuts, and pieces of candy. When searching for a food costume, select something that looks comfortable for your baby and does not appear too bulky.

Once the costume is chosen, your baby will be ready for the big game. It's a great way to introduce your infant to football and can create some great memories to fall back on if the child becomes a big football fan in the future.