It is traditional to give the parents of a new baby some sort of gift to commemorate this happy event in their lives. Usually, this gift is something for the baby, such as pajamas, a toy, or some bedding. Surely, clothes, toys and bedding are useful, but many new parents receive so many gifts of this sort. If you want your gift to stand out from the others and truly bring the parents some joy, consider giving one of these more unique items.

Baby's First Halloween Costume

If the new parents celebrate Halloween, you can count on them being excited to dress their little one up for this holiday. Giving them a costume for their baby's first Halloween can be a great gesture, since it will save them from having to shop for one themselves while also juggling the obligations of being new parents.

When looking for a Halloween costume for the little one, make sure you take the time to estimate how old he or she will be on Halloween, and then buy a costume that's likely to fit. For instance, if a baby is born in March, he or she will be 7 months old on Halloween, and you should purchase a costume made for 6 to 8 month-old children.

Baby clothing boutiques like Shop Sugar Babies can be good places to look for Halloween costumes that are made to be not only cute, but also comfortable for the baby. If you live in a place where October tends to be cold, be sure to buy something warm and snuggly.


Sure, the baby won't start teething for a new months. However, when he or she does begin teething, the new parents will be happy that they have some soothing teethers on hand. This will save them a midnight trip to the store should their baby start teething in the middle of the night, before expected.

There are a huge array of teethers available on the market, but those that can be filled with water and placed in the freezer are a great choice. Give the new parents at least two, so they have a substitute to use should they have to clean or look for the first one. The coldness will soothe the baby's sore gums as the new teeth erupt, allowing the new parents to get perhaps a few more hours of sleep.

A Nursing Support Pillow

If you know the new mother is going to be nursing her baby, a nursing support pillow is an excellent gift. New moms often struggle to find a nursing position that is comfortable, and a nursing pillow can work wonders for helping her find a good position with less hassle.

If the new mom has a C-section, consider buying an O-shaped nursing pillow, which wraps around the whole body to offer support to the torso while also giving her a place to rest the baby. For moms who gave birth naturally, a C-shaped pillow tends to be the best choice, since it fits a wide array of body types and offers arm support.

A Stylish Diaper Bag

Sure, the new parents may have something to carry their necessities in, but is it stylish? Many generic diaper bags from big box stores are quite unappealing in appearance. They may be made from vinyl or brightly colored, synthetic material. Save the new mom and dad from having to carry an un-stylish bag around by purchasing them a designer diaper bag.

Many small baby clothing and supply boutiques carry these. Look for one with a stylish pattern, preferably featuring neutral colors so that the bag looks good with any outfit. Leather and metal embellishments that make the bag look more like a big purse will be welcomed by most new moms.

When a friend or family member has a new baby, make sure the gift you give is something they'll really love and appreciate. With the suggestions above, you can count on them appreciating your gift as soon as they unwrap it, and as they continue to care for their little one.