When the crafting bug strikes, you may think you need to head out to the nearest craft supply store to gather the items you will need. While that is always an option, you probably have the supplies you need right in your home office to make several funky crafts without purchasing a thing. Let these craft ideas using office supplies get your started, but don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild and come up with some new ideas on your own.

Crafts for Kids

Keeping the kids busy on a rainy afternoon or during a snow day from school has never been easier. Grab a box of colored paperclips, sticky notes and colored elastics to keep them busy for hours.

Paperclip Jewelry: Challenge kids to make necklaces and bracelets from paperclips by linking them together to form long chains. Not only can they attractive and appealing to your youngsters sense of style, they give your kiddos great practice with fine motor skills too. Provide an assortment of colors and sizes to allow kids to customize their designs.

Elastic Band Bracelets: Colored elastics can be a source of fun with these adorable bracelets. Begin by attaching the elastics to a colored paperclip and then braid them to form a colorful bracelet. Attach the opposite end the the paperclip and slip it onto the wrist to create a fashion statement your kids will love. If your elastics are too short for making a bracelet, connect two or three in the same color to lengthen them before you begin. Group several elastics in the same color and use them as one thread for braiding. You may need to clip the ends of each color group together to make braiding easier for little hands.

Sticky Note Pinwheels: Make pinwheels from colored sticky notes to add a little pizzazz to the day. Begin with a colored straw and a pack of 3-inch sticky notes in bright colors. Mark the center of the sticky note with a pencil. Draw a diagonal line from each corner toward the center of the sticky note, stopping approximately 1/2-inch from the center. Cut along the line with scissors. Fold the corners inward to the center of the paper and secure them to the straw with a pushpin or brad. If the pinwheel is for decorative purposed only, go ahead and glue them in place. Only those secured with pins will spin in the wind.

Grownup Crafts

Don't let the kids have all the fun. There are several cute crafts from office supplies for older crafters, too. Try these ideas and don't be afraid to use them as a springboard for your own designs.

Thumbtack Mirror Frames: Dress up your cork board with a mirror and gold or silver thumbtacks. Place a round (frameless) mirror on your cork board and secure it so it will not fall. Use gold or silver thumbtacks to add sparkle and shine by creating a frame. Begin by rimming the mirror with tacks so that the head of the tack overlaps the rim of the mirror. Space them evenly around the mirror. Allowing 1/2-inch or more between the tacks will let the background show through. Repeat with two to four layers, offsetting the tacks slightly on each ring around the mirror. 

Thumbtack Wreaths: If you adore wreaths but don't have the skills (or supplies) to make fancy floral or evergreen wreaths on your own, you will love this quick-and-easy solution. Choose brightly-colored thumbtacks (gold or silver work well for the holidays) to cover a foam wreath form. Begin at the center and place the thumbtacks so there are no spaces between the tacks. Continue until the entire wreath is covered. Tie up with a bright bow for a flashy wreath to welcome your work guests with style.