On the big screen, you often see exhausted yet satisfied partners lighting up cigarettes in bed after successful love-making sessions. In real life, though, sex and cigarette smoking do not go hand-in-hand. If you're a man who smokes cigarettes, read on to learn about 3 ways cigarettes are affecting your bedroom life and how switching to an electronic cigarette can help.

Nix The Infamous Bedroom Headaches

Do chronic headaches prevent your lady partner from wanting to get intimate with you? If so, your cigarette smoking might be to blame. The nicotine in cigarette smoke -- be it first or second-hand smoke -- can actually make a person's blood vessels smaller, thus restricting blood flow to the brain and causing migraines

Why then, does the age-old headache-intimacy connection seem to only affect the female gender? A recent study suggests that, while chronic pain can abruptly diminish a woman's want for intimacy, it bears little effect on men's desire to perform. 

With electronic cigarettes, there is no second-hand smoke because no substance is actually burned. You can still enjoy everything you like about cigarettes, but you won't be exposing your partner to headache-causing, intimacy-killing nicotine.

Lower Your Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction

The brain isn't the only organ in which nicotine causes decreased blood flow. There are plenty of studies to show that the male sex organs are affected, too. One of these studies indicates that men who smoke are twice as likely to develop erectile dysfunction as those who don't. 

While electronic cigarettes can be used to deliver nicotine to your body, they are designed in such a way that you can gradually wean yourself off of your nicotine dependency with them. The e-liquid that fills the e-cigs can be purchased with varying percentages of nicotine and the idea is to keep lowering your nicotine dosage until you no longer feel the need to have the chemical in your body. As you lower the amount of nicotine that is entering your body, you'll also lower your risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

Beat An Inability To Conceive

If you and your partner are trying to conceive a baby, there's a good chance that your cigarette smoking is what's holding you back from success. Seminal fluid contains free oxygen radicals that can damage the DNA makeup of sperm cells. Fortunately, the main proteins found in these cells, protamine 1 and protamine 2, work to fight these free radicals. That is, when the proteins are properly balanced.

In cigarette smokers the proteins are unbalanced. Smokers have fewer protamine 2 proteins in their sperm than protamine 1 proteins. This imbalance not only makes it more difficult for the sperm cells to fight off free oxygen radicals, but it also causes the amount of the free oxygen radicals in the seminal fluid to increase.

Since the sperm cells are overtaken by these free oxygen radicals, most are damaged to the extent that they aren't able to fertilize an egg. Those that do successfully make it to the egg often result in miscarriages. 

If you and your partner are trying to conceive, use an electronic cigarette to gradually eliminate your nicotine habit. Once you're completely weaned off of nicotine, wait at least 3 months before again trying to conceive. This wait will ensure that your unbalanced sperm have died off and that you'll be working with a whole new batch of healthy, protein-balanced sperm.

While a cigarette may be enjoyable after being intimate with your partner, it is by no means good for your sex life. Go armed with the above information to your local electronic cigarette shop and ask for help building a plan to swap your harmful cigarette habit for a similar yet not so bad for your bedroom health e-cig hobby. Visit a site like http://vapoligy.com for more information on e-cigarettes.